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Folk, Soul, and Rock 'n' Roll — a Pop Singer and Blues Man with a touch of Twang
Upcoming gigs
It was such a great night opening for 
Rivers & Rust
 ​at Brighton Bar Long Branch, NJ

Many thanks to
Sheila Marshall and 
Kyle Cook (of Matchbox Twenty) 
for the opportunity.
4/3   Grand Vin, Hoboken, NJ
4/4   Laundromat, Morristown, NJ
4/5   Claremont Tavern, Bernarsville, NJ
4/6   Taphouse 15, Jefferson, NJ
4/11   Poor Henry's, Montville, NJ
4/13   Pompei Lounge, Staunton, VA
4/14   Belcourt Taps, Nashville, TN, 6PM
4/16   Brother's Burger Joint, Nashville, TN, 8PM
4/19   County College of Morris, Randolph, NJ
4/20   Jarrettown Hotel, Dresher, PA
4/25   Poor Henry's, Montville, NJ
4/26   Cricket Hill Brewery, Fairfield, NJ
4/26   Wooden Spoon, Bloomfield, NJ
4/27   54 Main, Madison, NJ

5/2   Paragon Tap and Table, Clark, NJ
5/3   Claremont Tavern, Bernardsville, NJ
5/4   Mike's Tavern, Reading, PA
5/9   Poor Henry's, Montville, NJ
5/10   54 Main, Madison, NJ
5/16   Laundromat, Morristown, NJ
5/17   On The Deck, Atlantic Highlands, NJ
5/18   Jarrettown Hotel, Dresher, PA
5/23   Poor Henry's, Montville, NJ
5/24   Jarrettown Hotel, Dresher, PA
5/25   Pompei Lounge, Staunton, VA
5/31   The Westbrook, Bound Brook, NJ
5/31   54 Main, Madison, NJ
My late father, musician Don Brody, remains a big influence in my music and in my life. Please check out his work at the "In Tribute" tab.
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Full-length, 12-Track Album

Special thanks to:
Christiana Zollner (fiddle and vocals)
Chris Bolger (guitar and bass) 
Paul Payton (bass and keyboards) 
Gill Henry (mandolin) 
Jim O’Brien (guitar and vocals) 
Louise Vitello (vocals) 
Jack Bashwiner (bass and vocals) 
Maya Wynn (vocals) 
Brett Dubin (drums) 
Robert Dahne (drums) 
Andrew Bates (harmonica) 
Jimmie Young (drums and bass) 
Molly Brody (vocals)