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about pd brody
"My father, and profound influence, was Hoboken musician Don Brody. I was fortunate to have spent my first five years with him as the "stay at home musician dad" before his passing in 1997. It is my great honor to sometimes cover his incredible songs. In fact "99 Years" on my EP was written by my Dad."

Currently living in Union New Jersey, I've been playing clubs, and restaurant venues across the Northern New Jersey area for several years. It has been my pleasure to play shows with Greg Lemaire, Rachel Miller, Spots, and The Racer among others. I've had the opportunity to play some fun gigs including Maxwell's in Hoboken, Meyersville Inn in Gillette, Radiant in Nutley, The Blue Room in Seacaucus and The renowned Stanhope House where ghosts are regularly reported! 

I am also a student, working on a degree to become an early childhood/special education teacher. I've been fortunate to work at two schools, as an assistant teacher, in which the students presented unique challenges. They inspire me and challenge me to be my better self. Have just returned from a fantastic opportunity in Haiti, with a mission team, working with kids in the classroom as well as helping to build the school's first restroom facilities.

I describe myself as a man, a guitar, four chords and a story to tell. I want people to feel what I feel when I’m singing, and be humming the hooks when they leave because that’s what it’s about giving them something they can hold on to."

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ABOVE: Signing the wall in the "green room" at Maxwell's in Hoboken. Perry was chosen to perform at a special event — "The Kids are Alright" —  for children of past Maxwell's performers.
LEFT: Perry with some of the 
students in Haiti
ABOVE: Playing in Atlantic City as part of the Jersey Shore Festival
RIGHT: At the Meadowlands State Fair in East Rutherford, NJ