Growing up in Hoboken, I watched my dad play the local restaurants and events and I always knew it was something I wanted to do. He passed away when I was five, leaving behind a repertoire of songs and a career largely left unfinished. When I was about 15 years old, I began picking up some Don Brody tunes and began to appreciate what a great writer he really was. It is rare that I play a set without one of my dad’s songs in the lineup. My hope is that I can pick up where my dad left 
off — the Brody name is far from done. Enjoy this page created to honor him. 

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Don began his musical career as a youngster while recuperating from a series of surgeries necessary after contracting polio at age two. He taught himself how to play the guitar each summer while in a full body cast in Warm Springs, Georgia.

His first band in Ohio was"Screaming Urge" followed by "Cryin' Out Loud" after moving to New Jersey in the early '80's.

Finding his softer side, Don partnered with Ann Walsh as "The Marys" in the early 90's, and then later with Connie Sharar.

His kindness, humor, generousity, and unshakable optimism live on in our hearts.
Don Brody, Vocals & Guitar; Todd Novak, Guitar; Dan Acker, Bass; Chris Johns, Drums. 
Video produced & directed by Paul Provenzano © 1986 Golda Bowlfish Records
Don Brody, Hoboken's Pied Piper
David Cogswell, January, 1998

Excerpt: “Brody was born in Columbus, Ohio, July 16, 1953. At the age of 2 he contracted polio, for which he had to undergo a number of surgical operations and was left with a disability that made walking difficult. He was the Ohio Poster child for the March of Dimes. His friends and family in Ohio knew well the hardship that he went through from the disease, but those who knew him in Hoboken were barely aware of it. His cheerful good humor and generosity of spirit so towered over his disability as to render it indifferent. But the emotional depth of his songs, achieved with deceptive simplicity, was evidence that he was no stranger to suffering.” (full article)

NY Times ‘ArtsBeat’ Living With Music: Christian Bauman
Gregory Cowles, January 2009

Excerpt: “As it happened, midnight struck as Don and I sat on the now empty stage along with my future wife. The three of us took a drink of something, then we all went outside with our arms around each other and looked up to see if the stars were any different in 1997. Just short of a year later, Don proved the constellations wrong by dying. Vin Scelsa himself hosted the tribute at the Bottom Line.” (full article)

"The Day Roy Orbison Died" Fan video
Fan of Roy Orbison created this video using Don's song as the 'soundtrack'
Poet, and long-time friend, 
Dan von der Embs, wrote this beautiful poem about Don. 
into the warm springs

The requiem that lowered
my old friend into the ground,
plays on, never long escaping
my memory

Looking out over dark patches
that once held life,
barren now but for the twinkle
of water in moonlight,

I think of him as a boy
swimming in the warm springs,
one day to be joined there
by me

©Daniel von der Embse
You will find the above poem and many more of Dan von der Embse collected works at "Writing In Airplanes."
Thank you for taking some time to get to know a little bit about Don Brody, singer/songwriter, husband, father, friend to all and hero to many. 
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